This programme aims to improve the professional and practical qualifications and intercultural skills of programme participants

Who can apply?

Students of Natural and Technical Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry who are enrolled in member countries of the International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE).

What is supported?

Internships in commercial enterprises, research and higher education institutes.
(This programme is only offered in the countries where there is an IAESTE national committee. Section ST41 of the DAAD assumes the role of the German national committee of the IAESTE.)

Duration of funding

Internships of usually two to three months are arranged, in some cases longer. The length of the internship is decided by the internship provider.


Interns are usually paid 750 euros a month; all IAESTE interns (incoming) are covered by the DAAD's medical, accident and personal liability insurance. The DAAD cannot contribute towards travel expenses.


Applications must be submitted to the IAESTE committee in the country in which the students are enrolled. The responsible national IAESTE committee carries out a selection procedure on a national level and nominates the most qualified applicants. The internship provider decides which applicants to accept.

What requirements have to be fulfilled?

The internships in Germany are offered abroad exclusively through the respective IAESTE national committees, which in turn find internships for German university interns. The IAESTE programme offers no internships to individual applicants outside this procedure. Applicants must be enrolled at a university throughout the internship period.

Language skills

German language requirements vary significantly; some employers expect interns to have a good knowledge of German, others only basic German if the applicant is also proficient in English. In most cases, interns only need a good command of English.

Application deadline

Applicants should contact the IAESTE committee in their country of origin to find out the closing date for applications.
Students interested in completing an internship in Germany from the above disciplines should contact the IAESTE national committee in their home country. The addresses of the national committees and other details are available on the IAESTE website:

Application address

Applications must be submitted to the IAESTE committee in the country in which the students are enrolled. The contact details of all IAESTE national committees are available at:

More detailed information

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