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Mexican institutions that grant fellowships in Germany:

  • The Ministry of Public Education (Secretaría de Educación Pública or SEP) through:
    • the DGRI (General Office for International Affairs) grants fellowships for academic exchanges to students of public and private institutions desirous of a semester abroad in several non−Spanish−speaking countries, including Germany. In addition, there are complementary fellowships for those who plan to study their entire post−graduate programs abroad. Find more information here.
    • the CNBES (National Coordination Office for Higher Education Scholarships) awards scholarships for student mobility (academic exchange) at undergraduate, TSU (Higher Technical Institution) and post−graduate levels, for students enrolled in the country’s pubic institutions. In addition, there are also scholarships available for postgraduate studies abroad.
  • FUNDACIÓN BECA – This is an educational institution established by a group of Mexican business leaders to offer post−graduate opportunities to talented persons in the fields of science, economy, politics and culture. The purpose in mind is to train leaders committed to the development of the country through discounts in enrolment, major medical expenses insurance, and/or 10,000 MXP toward the airplane ticket. The requirements are as follows: the person must be from Latin America, between the ages of 23 to 45, and must have a general grade point average of 8/10. The call to apply is open all year long. At present there are fellowships offered to various European institutions, as well as some in the United States, for specialized programmes, master´s degree and doctoral studies in various fields, including several online programmes. At the conclusion of the fellowship, the student commits to supporting one of the foundation’s Social responsibility programmes for a period between 25 and 120 hours, for summer course and master´s degree studies, respectively.
  • FUNED – (Mexican Foundation for Education, Technology and Science) – is a non−profit organization that offers financing for fulltime master’s degree and on−site studies in the top 200 universities in the world, and/or the top 100 programs. anbietet.
  • DESAFIO fellowship – Encourages Latin American professionals to carry out postgraduate studies abroad.
  • FIDERH – The Fund for Human Resources Development (El Fondo para el Desarrollo de Recursos Humanos) is a federal trust, managed by the Bank of Mexico for over 40 years now; its purpose is to fund postgraduate studies for Mexican students.
  • EDUPASS – This is a financial institution specialized in the educational sector; it was created for the purpose of offering education loans for anyone requiring funds to secure quality education, either in Mexico or abroad.