Are you interested in an academic fellowship in Germany and would like to know what to expect at a German university? Our ambassadors can answer this, and other questions. Get in touch with them and attend their events to get to know Germany from a Mexican perspective!

Thanks to the program "Young Ambassadors DAAD Mexico", we have an ample network of representatives throughout Mexico. Ambassadors are former DAAD scholarship recipients from various different programs. During their fellowship in Germany, they became familiar not only with German language and culture, but also experienced their own specific situations and advantages linked to German universities and student life. Based on their own experiences, they are able to provide firsthand information to their university peers, at their places of work and throughout all of Mexico regarding studying in Germany.

Following we present the current generation of our "Young Ambassadors DAAD Mexico". Approach them and learn about the opportunities that await you to study in Germany!

"Young Ambassadors DAAD Mexico" Events in 2015

  • September 21, 2015: "7th Academic Congress of the Research, Creation and Musical Dissemination Network", Autonomous University of Hidalgo, State of Hidalgo
  • October 10, 2015: Informative Talk on "Study and Research Work in Germany". Presented to the Technical Board of the School of Engineering at the La Salle University, Mexico City
  • October 15, 2015: "Intercultural Day Mexico-Germany: Academic Mobility for the Arts", University of Guadalajara, Jalisco.
  • October 19, 2015: "Cultural Week for the German Section", Autonomous University of Chiapas, State of Chiapas
  • October 21 through 23, 2015: "3rd Science and Technology Encounter", IPN (National Polytechnic Institute), Guanajuato
  • November 5 through 7, 2015: "Regional Congress on Agro-Ecology in the Maya Region", Autonomous University of Yucatan, State of Yucatan
  • November 19, 2015: "Forum on the Internationalization of Higher Education FIES 2015", UAEMEX, Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, State of Mexico

Our Young Ambassadors: 2015/16 Generation

… I had the opportunity to take part in an academic program in Germany for Young Engineers, from August 2013 – July 2014. This international experience marked my life forever; I met many people from diverse walks of life and cultures, completely different from my own. This helped me to expand my horizons and acquire a more globalized life view. Moreover, I became acquainted with many European cities that as a child I wanted to see. What I enjoyed the most was being able to visit countries whose languages I didn’t know at all, and still manage to communicate with the people… talk about a challenge!

Alan González, Mechatronics Engineer (ITESM Campus Monterrey and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, KIT)

… Studying a master's degree in Germany was a truly positive experience that allowed me to become a part of a multicultural environment, make fast friends and determine that achieving better society is indeed possible. I always like sharing my experience to encourage others to live it as well. At present I am a medical science researcher, and my main fields of research are related to the application of technology in medicine, primarily the field of rehab, with the purpose in mind of helping health personnel to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Alberto Isaac Pérez Sanpablo, Biomedical Engineer (National Rehabilitation Institute, La Salle University and RWTH Aachen)

… A German pianist who was my teacher at the University of Guadalajara awakened my interest in Germany. Later on I won a language scholarship that took me to Berlin, and since then I have never stopped being in touch with this wonderful country – through academic exchanges at the Philipps Universität Marburg and the Music Institute at the University Oldenburg, as well as teaching at the Baden Württemberg Cooperative State University. Throughout each one of these experiences, Germany has offered me an ideal environment for research and to combine the three fields of expertise in my professional field: music, communications and education. In many ways, Germany has enriched my life.

Irma Susana Carbajal Vaca, PhD in Education (University of Guadalajara and Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg)

I finished the last stretch of my doctoral research program at TU Berlin and in the Fraunhofer FOKUS Laboratories. I worked with a research team that conveyed to me the discipline of collaborative work, dedication and the continuity of the work that people carry out. I learned that, in the end, science is founded on values, and that these values are universal and supersede language, culture and nationality. I am a professor at the National Polytechnic Institute, working at the Engineering Campus in Guanajuato. Here in Mexico, I have continued to collaborate with TU Berlin and my advisor to liaise regarding projects and other initiatives.

Alfredo David Guerrero Pérez, PhD in Information Technologies (National Polytechnic Institute, Technische Universität Berlin and Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS Berlin)

I had the opportunity to study my doctoral degree at the Institute of Inorganic Chemicals, University of Kiel, when I was awarded the DAAD-CONACyT scholarship. My doctoral studies afforded me a grand experience, for I had to adapt to a new way of work and culture. Moreover, the facilities and seminars for the discussion of scientific results were top level. Right after I finished my doctorate, I began working as a researcher for the same university. There I had a chance to discuss physics, chemistry and engineering with colleagues from different areas, and I learned to defend my stance in German. Science in Germany is top level and very international; it is a living, global science, yet at the same time full of tradition.

Enrique Quiroga González, PhD in Science of Materials Science (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel)

The development of Mechanical Engineering in Germany is amazing, and the company Siemens opened the doors to the automobile world for me through the Volkswagen plant; this gave me a chance to take part in the project design for the bodywork of the Golf A7, from Germany through Mexico. The opportunities I experienced in Germany were very valuable; I learned from important experiences that helped build my character, both personally and professionally.

Guillermo Hernández Díaz, Mechanical Engineer (Technological Institute of Puebla and Ostfalia Hochschule, Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences)

… I would like to promote Germany as an educational destination at UNACH (Autonomous University of Chiapas) because I consider that our students there are very enthusiastic and would take advantage of the opportunity to study abroad. I believe that through giving them the information they need, as well as telling them of my development experience in Germany, they might seriously consider the possibility of receiving an education in one of the countries offering the best resources to acquire the knowledge they need for their professional development – Germany.

Karen Salomé Caballero Mora, PhD in Physics (Autonomous University of Chiapas and Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, KIT)

I experienced a post-doctoral fellowship at the Physics Institute at Kassel University, thanks to the support of DAAD. My fellowship in Germany enabled me to meet some of my now best friends, Germans and from other countries as well, and also to collaborate with new colleagues from different nationalities. Germany has been a springboard for me, opening up doors in all arenas. Having experienced that this great country is a strong promoter of disciplines – such as art, culture, science, and technology, to mention just some – I really want other people to have the chance to experience life in this great country and be enriched through this kind of experience.

Luis Enrique Díaz Sánchez, PhD in Physics (Autonomous University of the State of Mexico and Universität Kassel)

I use the doctoral studies that I took on at the School of Ecological Agriculture Science at the University of Kassel in a bachelor’s degree program in Agro-ecology that it was my honor to be the founding professor of at UADY (Autonomous University of Yucatan). My ties to the University of Kassel have turned out to be fruitful, strengthening the cooperation agreements established in preceding years. I would like to contribute to getting more Mexicans to study or have a work experience at a German institution or company.

Wilbert Trejo, PhD in Agricultural Science (Autonomous University of Yucatán and the University of Kassel)

Would you like to be a part of the next generation of "Young Ambassadors DAAD Mexico"?

In order to be a part of the program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a DAAD "Alumni Scholarship Recipient" DAAD
  • Have recently study or done practice work in Germany
  • Be enrolled at a Mexican university or work at a company in your field of study
  • Be available to provide information on your experience and studies in Germany for a period of one academic year
  • Be available to organize a minimum of 2 events during one year, addressing students of the current institution and taking part from time to time at educational fairs, briefing talks in the city of residence, and other types of events of this nature.

To apply is easy: In May every year the notice of contest is publishes. Fill out the form as required and send it by email before the deadline.

Take advantage of this opportunity to show Mexico what you think of Germany and share your experience!

Meet Young Ambassadors from previous years: