Programme Description

The centre was initiated to establish an umbrella structure that specifically fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative research by facilitating synergies between existing research groups and promoting interaction on all levels.

Einstein Training Programme
  • Initial boot camp for all students (crash courses in all relevant disciplines)
  • Initial lab rotation period of 6 months
  • Individual assessment to personalise core curriculum
  • Continuing education programme
  • Supervision via PhD committees
  • Encouragement and support for independence of excellent young scientists
  • Student fellowships

Target Group

To apply for our programme it would be helpful but not mandatory if you would have majored in one of the following subjects:

cognitive sciences, e.g.
  • neurolinguistics
  • cognitive neuroscience
  • psychiatry
  • psychology

life sciences, e.g.
  • (epi-)genetics
  • (neuro-)biology
  • medicine
  • molecular biology
  • neurology
  • neurosciences
  • pharmacology

natural sciences, e.g.
  • (bio-)chemistry
  • (bio-)informatics
  • mathematics
  • (bio-)physics


Number of Scholarships

Up to 15 scholarships each year


The scholarship is granted for three years.

Scholarship Value

A scholarship constitutes of 1.750 € per month during the lab rotations and the time of the PhD project. Health insurance has to be subtracted. Fast-track PhD students will receive 800 € per month until they start their PhD project. Health insurance and study fees have to be subtracted.

Application Papers

Further information can be found here.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is January 11th, 2021.

Please select your status and your country of origin in order to be able to submit an application.

Status and / or country of origin not on these lists?If your status and / or country of origin is not on this list, you cannot apply for this funding programme. In order to only see funding programmes for which you can apply, please select your status and your country of origin in the list of results.