Programme Description

To reach out to students at German institutions of higher education who have fled their home countries the German University Foundation DUS launched the hochform programme in 2015. It has a unique concept: locally based teaching staff mentor scholars in a one-on-one approach in the candidates’ subject areas. The DUS acts as a mediator between the teaching staff and the scholars. In addition, the scholarship offers a number of non-material services to ensure the scholars’ academic success and facilitate their access to the German labour market.

Scholarship Value

  • placement with a locally based university teacher of the candidate’s subject area as a mentor
  • obligatory biannual seminars to further core skills in the following fields: mentoring as a chance and a mission, self- and learning management skills, how to create presentations and present oneself, job application training, business etiquette and communication, intercultural competence
  • additional seminars on an optional basis
  • participation in academic events (i.e. the symposium of the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers, DHV) as well as active involvement in relevant networks
  • compensation for travel expenses to seminars and other trips in connection with the hochform programme
  • scholars are entitled to a book allowance of EUR 600 per year unless they hold a full scholarship by another institution

Application Papers

Please submit your application including a scholarship motivation letter (one page at most) detailing your expectations concerning the programme, a resume in table format (two pages max.), certificates, and your enrolment certificate as a PDF file exclusively via e-mail to Frau Carina Heuser

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