DAAD offers two options for internships at its Regional Office in Mexico City:

  1. Voluntary Work “Kulturweit” at DAAD Mexico

    logo_kulturweit_168Young people between the ages of 18 and 26 have a chance to gain practical experience by participating in the “Kulturweit” Volunteer Work at the DAAD Regional Office in Mexico. “Kuturweit” is the initiative of the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs and is implemented in collaboration with the German Commission for UNESCO (Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission). The programme is based on the rules established for voluntary social service, and replaces classic-style practice.
    The German Commission for UNESCO is responsible for coordinating and implementing the programme, in addition to providing information and receiving candidacies.

    The DAAD Regional Office in Mexico makes a simply furnished guest room, equipped with kitchenette and bath available to volunteers (at no cost). The entrance to the room is separate from the office.

    Note: Applications are submitted only online through the volunteer work portal:

  2. Internship at DAAD Mexico

    Interested persons may submit applications year round for a internship at the DAAD Regional Office in Mexico. More information through the contact person: Susanne Faber, faberdaadmx.org

    Note: Internships are NOT remunerated.

    Important information for persons interested in an internship at the DAAD Regional Office in Mexico

    The DAAD Mexico Regional Office is centrally located in the Polanco/Anzures neighborhood, and just a 15-minute walk from the Polanco Metro station (Line 7). The Polanco/Anzures neighborhood has excellent infrastructure; one can reach the Historic Downtown by bus or subway, as well as the Zona Rosa and the Colonia Condesa in less than half an hour. The airport is located approximately 45 minutes away by taxi.

    Dress code:
    Casual attire is sufficient for the everyday work at the office. When taking part in official events, please wear formal attire. During the winter months (November through January) you will need warmer clothing, as mornings and evenings may be relatively chilly. Neither the office nor the guestroom is equipped with heating.

    Other aspects:
    The best way to handle and transfer money is to withdraw cash as needed from ATMs. As is the case in Germany, prepaid cellular phones are available in Mexico. Three-band German cell phones also work in Mexico. You will find a good city map at
    www.guiaroji.com.mx. The difference in time zones with Germany is seven hours less.

    For a stay in Mexico that surpasses 6 months you must obtain the appropriate visa. Information and instructions for the visa process are provided by the Mexican Embassy in Berlin or the Mexican Consulate in Frankfurt.