Ansicht des Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City.

Academic exchange between Mexico and Germany has grown continuously in recent years. In 2019, we registered 449 instances of collaboration between officially registered Mexican and German universities, and the number of Mexican students in Germany rose from 730 (in 2004) to over 3,061 (in 2018).

DAAD has signed agreements with government organizations, such as the National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) and the Mexican Association of University Deans (ANUIES), to support and continue developing academic cooperation in Mexico. Both Germany and DAAD are keen on further strengthening academic relations between the two countries; this steered DAAD toward expanding its presence in Mexico through the establishment of a regional office in 2000.

In Mexico, DAAD’s presence includes a regional office in Mexico City and four lektors: 2 in Mexico City, 1 in Monterrey and 1 in Guadalajara. Moreover, the Humboldt Professorship, long-term German professors, and several language assistants.

We invite you to visit our office during service hours; we offer information and can advise you on the steps to follow to carry out higher education studies or research projects in Germany. In like manner, we also advise Mexican Universities or professors/researchers on how to find academic collaborators in Germany. In addition, we provide guidance on the various scholarship programs that DAAD has to offer Mexico. We are happy to work with you!

The DAAD Office in Mexico

The DAAD Office in Mexico is the direct contact to answer all questions related to scientific and academic exchange between Mexico and Germany. The director, since June 2019, is
Dr. Katharina Fleckenstein. More information in the section Contact.

DAAD Mexico offers, among other things, the following services designed to promote academic exchange between Germany and Mexico, at both the individual and institutional levels:

  • We provide information on study and research opportunities in Germany.
  • We provide assistance regarding our scholarship and exchange programs.
  • We promote scientific exchange programs and multilateral research.
  • We represent the interests of German universities.
  • We support setting up collaboration, projects, events and meetings between German and Mexican universities.
  • We support the recognition of German academic degree equivalency.

DAAD does not offer assistance for enrolment in German universities, immigration procedures or private language learning.